Roto Pumps is a leading Waste Water Pumps manufacturers and suppliers. Waste Water Pumps a.k.a. Sewage Pumps are used to handle the transfer of unclean water and liquids like sewage, sludge and waste water. These kinds of pumps are the perfect choice for a number of applications such as sewage and waste water treatment, dewatering, municipal water disposal and waste water reuse.  These pumps are built with tough materials so that they can handle the transfer of abrasive and corrosive fluids. They are easily customizable to handle the varied needs of the customers. These pumps also comprise of a pump casing which is lined with wear-resistant material. These pumps are also known as progressive cavity pumps and work on the principle of positive displacement. Single helix elastomer rotor rotates inside double helix elastomer stator resulting in formation of cavities. The liquid is then pumped through these cavities.

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