Pumps for Paper Manufacturing

The raw material used in the paper industry is viscous, abrasive and tough to transfer. A lot of chemicals and the correct temperature are required to get the best quality output.

Roto Pumps for paper manufacturing are sturdy, durable, and highly efficient in handling abrasive, rough and even sensitive liquids. These pumps can be customized as per customer’s requirements.

Roto’s dosing and Progressive Cavity pumps are used in many stages of papermaking. These pumps can handle abrasive, clean and clear, corrosive, viscous, and other liquids containing a high amount of solid materials.

The RM, RL, RD, RJ, WM series of Progressive Cavity pumps are used in various applications of papermaking such as Alkyl ketene dimmer, Bagasse, coloring agent, Dispersing agent, Hydrogen peroxide and various other applications.

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