Roto Flexible Shaft Series Pump


Proven Pump Performance in pumping media at very high pressure from several meters beneath the surface.


  • No universal joint required
  • Eliminates all the moving parts associated with universal joint
  • No lubrication ensures zero contamination
  • Longer product life


Flow: Up to 28 LPS / 450 GPM

Pressure: Up to 48 bar

Stator: Abrasion-resistant stators are available in natural / nitrile elastomer options.

Rotor: Double hard chrome plated rotors to minimize wear & lower operational costs. Option for tungsten carbide rotor for longer life cycle

Tie Rods: Tie rods equipped with anti-rotating rings, eliminate the stator movement when in operation.

End Cover: End cover with stainless steel internal sleeves significantly minimizes the effects of erosion, corrosion, & leakage.

Flexible Shaft: Halar coated flexible shaft eliminates the requirement of universal joints & provides a maintenance-free & reliable drive train.

Drive Shaft: Extended shaft extension for mounting of anti-reversing disc to prevent anti-rotation.

Bearing Housing: Heavy-duty bearing housing assembled with taper roller bearings and bearing isolators fitted at both ends.

Gland: Graphite-impregnated glass yarn packing with lantern rings as standard.

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