Industrial Molasses Pumps

Molasses is a viscous liquid obtained during the process of refining sugar from sugarcane or sugar beets. This liquid is used for sweetening and flavoring foods. Roto WM Series Wide Throat Progressive Cavity Pumps are used to transfer highly molasses. We provide Gear pumps for lesser viscous molasses.

Roto’s external gear pumps are compact, efficient and ensure longer service life. With simple four-piece construction, the gear pumps can efficiently handle thinner, thicker and even corrosive fluids. These pumps can be customized for high-pressure applications. These Positive Displacement Pumps operate when an unchanging volume of fluid passes through the teeth of meshing gears. It creates a vacuum that fills the pump with fluid.

WM Series Wide Throat Progressive Cavity Pump – When the highly viscous material is put on to the augur-on-coupling rod, it pushes the substance to the pumping element. The twin paddle bridge breaker arrangement handles extremely difficult fluid with high solid content and non-flowing properties.

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