Industrial Mining Pump

Roto Pumps is an expert in critical mining applications such as face dewatering, stage dewatering, high head dewatering, gland service, high-pressure wash, mineral processing, mortar with fine oily water, and water spray for dust suppression, emulsion matrix, cement & slurry transfer and general-purpose applications. The RM series face dewatering pump is used for mining applications.

Roto’s RM Series Progressive Cavity Pumps and Air Operated Double Diaphragm pumps are highly efficient for the mining industry applications. The pumping challenges that the mining industry faces are handling media containing solids and semi-solid wastes. Some of the features of these pumps are:

  • These pumps are self-priming.
  • Non- clogging.
  • Higher suction lift capability.
  • Specialized coating on rotors to reduce wear and tear.
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