Lube Oil Blending Pumps

Roto’s Twin Screw and Gear Pumps are used for lube oil blending processes. The Twin Screw Pumps work on the principle of rotation of two screw spindles in a closed compartment. Each screw spindle is left-handed and right-handed. When these spindles start rotating driven by a pair of timing gears, the fluid gets entrapped between the bore of the pumping compartment and the flanks of the screws. This fluid is then propelled axially from both the ends towards the centre of the pump. This dual flow nullifies the axial thrust and enables the screw spindles to remain in a state of hydraulic balance. The double profile of the screw spindles leads to higher volumetric efficiency, which further improves the overall efficiency.

  • Capacity up to 940 m³/hr
  • Pressure up to 30 bar
  • Viscosity up to 1,00,000 cSt

Roto’s Gear Pumps are compact and efficient. These pumps ensure higher service life. The four-piece construction of these pumps efficiently handles thinner to thicker and even corrosive liquids. These pumps can be customized to handle high-pressure applications and are available in various materials.

  • Capacity up to 120m³/hr
  • Pressure up to 11 bar
  • Viscosity up to 1,00,000 cSt
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