Fuel Oil Pumps and Oil Circulation Pumps

Roto Pumps manufacture Fuel Oil Pumps and Oil Circulation Pumps that effectively cater to all the oil and gas industry’s pumping requirements. Roto’s Positive Displacement Pumps such as Twin Screw Pumps and Gear Pumps transfer high viscous, shear sensitive and abrasive fuel oils with ease.

Roto’s twin-screw pumps handle highly viscous liquid at high temperatures. They also effectively deal with low NPSH conditions that arise due to the high vapour pressure of the process steam.

Roto’s external Gear Pumps are compact, efficient and have a longer service life. These pumps effectively handle thinner to thicker and corrosive liquid. These pumps are customized for high-pressure applications. These pumps operate by an unchanging volume of fluid, passing between the teeth of two meshing gears at a constant rate.

A vacuum is created, when the meshed teeth of the Gear Pump separate. As the liquids pour in, the gears trap the liquids and transfer it from suction end to the discharge end.

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