Downstream Pumps

Roto Pumps are leading manufacturers of Positive Displacement Pumps. Twin screw, Progressive Cavity and Gear Pumps are few types of Positive Displacement Pumps. These Roto Pumps are used for downstream applications in Oil & Gas industry.

Downstream Applications

  • Crude oil transfer
  • Tank stripping
  • Oily sludge
  • Railway wagon unloading
  • Road tanker uploading
  • Export pumps
  • Sump emptying
  • Slop oil
  • Bitumen
  • Asphalt
  • White oils
  • Black oils
  • Ship loading & unloading
  • Crude oil transfer from group gathering stations to processing units through pipelines.

The Progressive Cavity pumps enable the smooth flow of a variety of fluids of different viscosities and chemical properties. Progressive Cavity Pumps comprise a precision mechanized single external helix metallic rotor and double internal helix elastomer stator. When the rotor turns inside the stator cavities are formed. The fluid gets transferred from the suction end to the discharge end through the cavities.

The Twin Screw Pump consists of a set of two spindles in a closed compartment. These spindles are fitted with timing gears at the ends. When the motor starts, the spindles pull the fluid towards the pump’s centre while maintaining the hydraulic balance. The fluid passes from suction to discharge end with ease. The double profile screw spindles ensure higher volumetric capability. The Twin Screw Pumps have a long and hassle-free service life due to absence of metal to metal contact between the pumping elements and the casing. These pumps are self-priming and can handle entrapped air. With inbuilt relief valve, these pumps are designed to by-pass up to 100% capacity.

Another pump that is used in downstream applications is Roto’s External Gear Pump. This pump is compact and ensures longer service life. It has the capacity of up to 120m³/hr or 530 GPM and can handle the pressure of up to 11 bar or 160 PSI. This pump has simple four-piece construction designed to handle thinner to thicker & even corrosive fluids with lesser or no lubrication.

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