Industrial Dewatering Pumps

Dewatering means the removal of excess of water from a flooded area or the waste material. Roto pumps are used for dewatering of mines and sludge.

In sludge dewatering, water is removed from the solids. The sludge cake that is left is used for producing renewable energy such as biogas, methane etc. and the removed water is sent for treatment. Dewatering is the final step in wastewater treatment.

Mine Dewatering means to remove water from the mines. When the mines extend below the water table, the underground water seeps into the mines. Roto pumps are used for mine dewatering. It can be classified into surface mining and sub-surface mining. RM, RL and RD series progressive cavity pumps & AODD pumps are used for mine dewatering. These pumps are used for various dewatering applications such as:

  • Face dewatering
  • Stage dewatering
  • Emulsion matrix
  • Cement & slurry transfer
  • General-purpose applications
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